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Best Of 2022 - End Of The Year Special 2/1/23

On today's latest The Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day, co-hosted by Raven, they talk about and play the best Metal moments from 2022, choosing their top 20/5 albums/EPs respectively, as well as playing their top 5 listener albums of the year, resulting in a mouthwatering playlist that features tracks from Cobra Whip, St. Madness, Siren, Forever Broken, Threnody, Watain, Casket Robbery, The Red Mountain, Sol Ether, Wolfcross, Immortal Possession, Inhuman Condition, Shroud Of Bereavement, WitcheR, WarClown, SpellBook, Deströyer 666, Belphegor, Devilpriest, Chemicide, Korrosive, Eyes of the Living, Martyr, Traitor, Splintered Throne, Solicitor, Rigtime!, Deocculted, The Band Repent, Autumn Lies Buried, Ghost, Gravehuffer, Sakis Tolis, Eternal Champion and Jack Ire.


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