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Best Break Up Ever 5/8/23

A breakout teen antihero, and an edgy, refreshing, unorthodox counter to the typical Pop artist, Tilly's steadfast mantra is all about empowerment, such as her recently released hard edged, Punk-Rock and Pop fused debut single, ‘Best Break Up Ever’, that will connect with anyone who's ever felt like a misfit, of which today's effervescent, striking and upbeat accompanying Video Of The Day, embodies the message of this jubilant defiant anthem and her high-energy engaging live performance. Newly signed to Base Culture Music Group/SONY Orchard and produced by multi-platinum producer Mike Krompass (Nelly Furtado) and mastered by Justin Shturtz (Paramore), Tilly isn't just the opposition of a glossy, sugary Pop image... she shatters it, with her stabbing hooks, attitude and artistic sincerity.


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