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Ben Poole Half Moon Review 17/12/18

"At the end of the set Ben tells of how he and the band spent weeks and weeks holed up in the studio to produce the new album and how proud they were of it. They should be proud, it’s a corker and the songs sound fantastic live. Wayne produced the album too, which makes you wonder where he gets the time for King King. The band don’t spend too long off stage before being coaxed back for one more - a lovely cover of Don Henley’s 'Dirty Laundry' which made everyone smile and cheer one last time. This really was one one of those gigs that you were sorry to see end and for me both Matt Pearce and Ben Poole have firmly joined that breed of new British guitarists who are carrying forward the legacy of Clapton, Beck and Page. Good luck guys! No pressure…."

Read the whole of Pete Elphick's Ben Poole/Matt Pearce & The Mutiny, Half Moon, Putney, London, gig review from last Wednesday here (pictures courtesy of Bruce Biege) plus check out our Video Of The Day.

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