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Beaverwood Molly Tonight 3/9/19

"Take a huge chunk of Lynyrd Skynyrd, a slice of Blackfoot and a sprinkling of Grand Ole Opry - and what have you got? You have Tennessee band Skinny Molly, here with a new CD released late last year. 'Hear for a good time' is a mixture of older Mike Estes songs along with some brand new tunes. As soon as you hear the opening riff to the title track you are pulled in for a ride of the best Southern rock and country, and these lads have just got better and better. Formed in 2004 just for a one off UK tour, this has now grown into a major undertaking with regular visits to UK, Germany, France, Spain as well as a growing fanbase in the US." Was it really well over four years ago that we reviewed Skinny Molly's 'Here For A Good Time' CD? Well they're back tonight for a good time at Chislehurst, Kent's, The Beaverwood Club with special guests Born Healer.


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