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Barclaycard BST - "That'll Do Nicely Sir!" 30 June 2015

Before ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, which was released as a single in 1971, Townshend paid tribute to the band’s late bassist John Entwistle, who died of a heart attack in 2002, and drummer Keith Moon, who died of a drug overdose in 1978. Introducing bassist Pino Palladino, Townshend said: “Replacing John Entwistle was a hard job, as he had such a unique style. But this guy is probably the best bass player in the world today.” Introducing Zak Starkey, the former Oasis drummer who is the son of Ringo Starr, Townshend said: “You’ll have seen pictures of Keith Moon on the big screen behind us tonight. When I see them behind me, I miss him terribly. But before Keith went, he gave this guy a drum kit, so in a way Zak studied at the feet of the wanker.” Hilarious!!

Read the rest of Wrinkly The Silver's insightful take on BST here, complemented by more pics here plus Rory Auskerry's latest Route 66 show covering The Who, ZZ Top, Thunder and BluesRockfest which is today's Track of the Day!


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