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Band Of Brothers! 27 August 2015

"We were then into ‘LIL’ territory with the groovy and foot-tappin’ ‘Tappin’ On The Glass’ and just to prove they could mix it up ‘I Am The Fool’ with its neat Country riff (originally written by Landreth Senior no less) cemented the strength of ‘LIL’ after just two tracks. The groove of ‘Made Up Mind’ was followed by the album’s title track (see Vid Of The Day), Joey preferring live electric to acoustic on the album – although still the same result – perfect. A couple more covers were thrown in for good measure: Lyle Lovett’s ‘If I Had A Boat’ and John Hiatt’s ‘Alone In The Dark’ – the former an enchanting acoustic/harmony gathering – the latter nailed – again despite no keys. Rhino and Dave were the archetypal spine of the band - with Rhino chipping in with a bit of banter whilst Dave proved later in the set that his brother was not the only one with great vocals!"

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