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Band Of Brothers 18/4/17

"After being annoyed by the local accordion player we wandered off in search of new refreshment and settled down in a nice corner outside the American LePub. After a short while, a 'Vision' appeared walking towards us and nudging AJ and rubbing my eyes "Is that Wes Scantlin - lead singer and Mr Puddle Of Mudd – Nah it can't be we’re not that lucky!" Sitting down in our opposite corner the 'Vision' relaxed (with a rather nicer female vision) and we both agreed that this was indeed Wes himself! Not wanting to interrupt a Rock God ourselves, Denis decided he’d go and do 'An Idiot Abroad' bit and investigate and promptly came back with Wes himself who recognised us Wrinklys from the last gig (and the one before) and was happy to sit and chat!!!! So there we were, the Wrinklys and Wesley 'Scantdog' Scantlin sitting down and chatting about the band and the present tour."

That was part of Wrinkly The Silver Fox's Puddle Of Mudd Amsterdam review just under five year's ago. So we are understandably devastated to report that our mate Denis (small guy pictured second right) passed away on Sunday. You might have rocked out for the last time Denis, but all those great memories will never be taken away mate. RIP Denis.

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