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Ballad Of A Prodigal Son 25/6/20

Jim Kirkpatrick has decided that the time is right to reignite his solo career with the release of his brand new solo album, ‘Ballad of a Prodigal Son’, due out on Friday 4th September on US One Records. Following on from his 2006 debut ‘Changed Priorities’, this new album took some time to assemble, due to Jim’s FM commitments to touring all over the World, including playing at some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious Rock festivals, and supporting top-flight Rock icons, as well as his recording and touring commitments with some of the UK’s top talent. Having also accumulated over two decades of experience as one of the UK’s most in demand session players, ‘Ballad of a Prodigal Son’ has a very different sound and feel to his debut though. It’s less ‘acoustical’, and indeed Jim has called on a wealth of friends and colleagues in its making, that really showcases where he is today as a guitarist and songwriter.


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