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Bad Touch Ramblin' Man Interview 28/7/19

"But before I do, I get the 'luxury' of being 'allowed' into the VIP suite to watch a short acoustic set by the fabulous Bad Touch. The five piece are no stranger to festivals, or Ramblin' Man, having been working the circuits for years. Today's short set strips away their electric sound to show their Blues Rock in a more laid back style although with no less excitement. Vocalist Stevie Westwood doesn't seem to get phased by anything so opening day to a major festival is just another day for him and the band. They are writing more songs at the moment so expect a new album in the Spring next year. If it's as good as their last album - 'Shake A Leg' - it will be worth a listen."

That was our Bad Touch Ramblin' Man Fair review from last Saturday, and after their set, Mother caught up with the band for an interview here which is also today's Track Of The Day.


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