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Bad Pennies Win Best Reviewed CD 11/1/19

"Seager's 'Losing Streak', would you believe about drink and women, closes out the album, with it's cajun feel, its message being that you’re just looking for a peaceful life, but you find yourself up the creek without a paddle! Well, come on, this is the Blues! All in all, a delightful eclectic mix of Blues with not only great lyrics, but more importantly, an album that has the vibe of a live band with some killer tracks that will go down a storm at any gig - particularly their drinking songs! You know what they say - go on - in for a penny, in for a pound!" Well the boys from the Medway Delta have done it. Our final category sees Bad Pennies (Video Of The Day) win our 2018 WRC Best Reviewed CD award for 'Songs From The Medway Delta'. Congratulations to all of our eleven winners and we look forward to catching up with you in 2019 to present your awards!

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