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Bad Bad Boys! 4 September 2015

"Joni Mitchell's 'This Flight Tonight' was the first Nazareth single I ever bought and Agnew's bass was as tight as ever on this Rock classic. An honour to witness it. Murrison's Zep type riff on 'One Set Of Bones' from 'Rock 'N' Roll Telephone' was literally a classic head-banger as my air guitar mate managed to crack heads with me! No offence taken although Sentance slowed things down with 'Dream On' although they upped a gear with the Bluesy Pop of 'Holiday'. The mid-set recess continued with 'Turn On Your Receiver' from 'Loud 'n' Proud' - always thought that one sounded a bit like 'Last Train To Clarksville'! Back to the big hitters and 'Bad Bad Boy' which seemed quite appropriate for the Naz faithful gathered down the front although all too old to call it a 'mosh pit' methinks! The Crazy Horses cover 'Beggars Day' was followed by the brilliant 'Changin' Times' - Jimmy's riff reminiscent of his Zep namesake and similarly Carl stepping up to the plate - Dan and indeed Plant would give Sentance a slap on the back for his vocals on this one."

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