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Back From Behind The Sun 22/11/20

Janey Smith, previously known as Janey Bombshell, is the new lead singer of Critically acclaimed British Rock band Iconic Eye, and Janey makes her debut when they release their new EP, ‘Back From Behind The Sun', on Friday 4th December, of which the title track is today’s Track Of The Day.The five-track EP was recorded at M2 Studios in Coven, West Midlands, and features a cover of Jefferson Starship’s ‘Jane’, plus four original songs co-written mainly by guitarist Greg Dean and Janey. Iconic Eye first burst onto the Rock scene in 2015 when they self-released their debut album, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’.In 2017, the band made the bold move to become female fronted, lifting their existing songs and creating the right environment for the band to start writing again. The band’s second album, ‘Into The Light’, was first released via Skyfire Records in November 2017.

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