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Axedra Interview 26/5/21

Russian Death Metal band Axedra join today's Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day to play and talk about the making of their record, 'Mass Deception', plus there's new releases from Engraver, Monster Magnet, Afghan Haze, Hooded Menace, Chestcrush, Amammoth, Desaster, Motherfaster, The Limit, Protokult, Drawn and Quartered, Fluids, Gorgon, Hell Strike, High n' Heavy, Impaled Nazarene, Boyce, Ire, Per Wiberg, RiseuP, Rot Away, Stonus, Kreator, Seth, Son Of A Shotgun, Robots Of The Ancient World, Olorin, Descension, Winter Eternal, and some classics, by request, from Rock N Roll Villain Society, Six Feet Under, Black Label Society and Pentagram!


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