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Award Winning Night At 229 24/11/18

The last time we caught the Dan Reed Network was when they supported Extreme last December at The Brixton Academy. Well it was well worth the wait as DRN returned to London last night to headline the 229 Venue in Great Portland Street, for the official launch of their new album 'Origins' as part of their November UK tour. This was also the first opportunity we had of presenting Dan with his 2017 WRC 'Best Acoustic Performance' award following his St. Pancras Church gig in September last year - and unbelievably we had the honour of presenting Dan with said award on stage during his set! Hollowstar and 2017 WRC 'Best Support Band' Mason Hill were also supporting DRN so we also took the opportunity of presenting Mason Hill with their award back stage. Anyway, with a review and more photos to come, check out today's Video Of The Day.

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