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Auto Reconnaissance 8/8/20

Today's Track Of The Day is ’The Tower of Babel’, from The Tangent, the Progressive Rock group led by Andy Tillison, and it's the second single to be taken from their 11th studio album 'Auto Reconnaissance’, due to be released on Friday 21st August via Inside Out Music. It's the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Proxy’, which sees them continuing the band philosophy of celebrating the golden age of Prog, whilst bringing it to the present and exploring new paths for the music to take in the future. For this album, Andy (vocals, lyrics, keyboards, composer), is joined by Jonas Reingold (Steve Hackett) bass guitar, Theo Travis (Soft Machine) sax and flute, Luke Machin (Francis Dunnery) guitar and Steve Roberts (Godsticks) drums.

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