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Austin Jenckes Gig Review 2/10/19

"Indeed, powerful as this solo performance was (like Sam before him, Austin was accompanied only by his own guitar), the songs take on even greater life when played by a full band on the CD recordings. As a set closer we were treated to Fleetwood Mac’s timeless ‘Landslide’ (it’s hard to believe that this song pre-dates even ‘Rumours’, having first appeared in 1975); anyone who can do such justice to a song so closely associated with the great Stevie Nicks is an artist to look out for."

Today read the whole of Gary Smith's London Bush Hall gig review here from Thursday 5th September, of Washington State's Austin Jenckes (Track Of The Day and pictured) sandwiched in between Sam Lewis and The Steel Woods, plus check out our Photo Gallery here courtesy of Tim Russell.


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