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August WRC Bulletin Out Today 1/8/18

Today's August 2018 WRC Bulletin looks back at our July gigs including John Hiatt, Supersonic Blues Machine, Roger Waters, Eric Clapton (pictured) and City Of Thieves, our Ramblin' Man Fair interviews including Thomas Wynn & The Believers, Gorilla Riot, Kris Barras, The Von Hertzen Brothers and Big Boy Bloater, plus our Dorian Sorriaux CD review. We also look forward to our August gigs including Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy, The Great British Beer Festival, The Magpie Salute, Iron Maiden, Dirty Thrills, Doomsday Outlaw, Stonedeaf Festival and LA Guns. And If you didn't receive our Bulletin then go to our WRC membership page here and simply fill out the membership form and we will be in touch!