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Ash Return 5/6/20

It was definitely a case of old suspects on a new course when Ash Return released their debut album 'The Sharp Blade Of Integrity' at the beginning of last month. After the sudden end of Miozan, it become obvious to four members of the band that giving up was not an option, although to continue under the same name wasn't even up for debate. However, out of the ashes, Ash Return were determined to remain true to the classic Hardcore style of the late 80's, in that the new sound would be combined with classic Metal influences à la Iron Maiden. Consequently Tank, Kniffel, Gerrit and Outso found frontman Johnny from true Metalheads Gloryful, subsequently inventing their own brand new genre, "Swordcore", and now are ready to escape the ashes, as testified by every single one of the album's stylistically wide-ranging songs.


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