Asenblut Legenden 10/3/18

More than ten years have passed since Asenblut came together and a lot has happened in the Göttingen based band's camp since they caused quite the stir in the German Pagan Metal scene with their debut 'Aufbruch' back in 2009. Now in 2018, Asenblut are still an epic, furious, victorious and elegiac force to be reckoned with, a self-confident force about to let the regalia of German Viking Metal bloom anew. Their new 5 song EP 'Legenden' (see today's Track Of The Day), released last month, looks back at the days of 'Aufbruch' whilst taking a huge step forward at the same time: four songs from the band’s early days, re-recorded and refined in the mostperfect way, again by Sebastian "Seeb“ Leevermann (Orden Ogan) in his Greenman Studios. As a very special treat, 'Legenden' also includes a cover version of Manowar’s 'God Or Man'. The band, consisting of Claus Cleinkrieg (guitars), Yuri (guitars), Sash (bass), Balrogh (drums) and Tetzel (vocals) will also be playing three Germany Festivals namely: Hellraiser in Leipzig on Monday 30th April, Rocklobby in Gelsenkirchen on Saturday 12th May and the Wolfszeit Festival in Crispendorf on Thursday 23rd August.