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Arise .... Sir Ray!! 2/1/17

"Finally, it was Ray Davies’ turn, playing an extended set of nearly two hours to help make up for no Joan Armatrading. Ray had a full supporting band, but no other Kinks - and he ruled out any prospect of a reunion because “we wouldn’t want to do another Who”. However, even if the band wasn’t pure Kinks, the songs were. ‘Sunny Afternoon’ had the whole crowd standing, singing and dancing - I did vaguely wonder where those thousands of folding chairs had got to, but didn’t know, and didn’t really care." That was also Big Ian's take on August 2015's Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza (pictured) - so wasn't it good to hear - after all the musical icons we lost in 2016 - that the Kinks legend has become Sir Ray Davies in the 2017 New Years Honours List for his services to the arts. 'A Well Respected Man' there is no doubt.

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