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Archer's Horseplay! 4/9/23

Influenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival, ZZ Top, Status Quo and Small Faces, RJ Archer & the Painful Memories are a Blues-influenced Hard Rock outfit from Cambridge, and on Friday 15th September the four-piece release digitally their second album, 'Horseplay!', of which their first single taken from the album, 'I Can't Lose You', is today's Video Of The Day. Formed in July 2019 by old friends Richard Archer (guitar, vocals), Roger James (bass), Ben Kingsbury (drums), and now joined last year by Jimmy Cordery on percussion, they released their debut album, 'Hot Mess', in September 2021, with both their singles receiving a great deal of airplay on UK Rock radio stations, complemented by some live performances that have also drawn much praise.

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