Apollo - Minus 2 Days & Counting! 22 April 2015

For those of you new to Leogun - they were pulling up trees at festivals all summer in 2013 from Danson Park to Hyde Park and after 38 years of gigging there wasn't a lot that got the WRC juices flowing making us sit up and go wow! This talented 3-piece band from South-East London - including guitarist/vocalist Tommy Smith, a Robert Plant lookalike/soundalike and drummer Michael Lloyd with his Bonhamish hat - fired off Zeppelin trait repetitive riffs linked to a modern feel that added to the freshness of their sound. Anyway, the band rounded 2013 off with a storming Underworld, Camden, gig (see Wrinkly pictured with bass guitarist Matt Johnson) but we missed their tour with Extreme last year so were delighted to see that they were supporting the mighty Skynyrd at the Hammersmith Apollo this Thursday - hence they are our Video Of The Day!