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Ana Popovic Borderline Review 22/5/19

"Sporting 5-inch heels and a slit skirt with a flat as an ironing board bare midriff, her long blonde hair falling around her shoulders, the guitarist presented a powerful visual image, which was backed up by equally impressive musical chops. She certainly knew her way around the fretboard of her various Stratocasters, playing fluid and lightning fast runs. While her influences may have originated in the Blues, almost none of the songs she played had a standard Blues chord structure. ‘Can You Stand the Heat’, the title track of her 2013 album, and ‘Object of Obsession’, set the scene for the rest of the evening - funky beats and a busy bassline with the two-man horn section bang on the money with their brass stabs and tight riffs, over which Ana played some flowing, extended lead lines."

Read the whole of Simon Green's Ana Popovic gig review at London's Borderline from Saturday 11th May here, plus check out our Photo Gallery here and our Video Of The Day.

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