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An Offer We Couldn't Refuse! 5/6/16

"Surely national headlines of a 62 year old’s power being cut off would deserve the intervention of Age Concern? Also given Bruce was on stage at the time with Sir Paul McCartney – could not have Macca sent the proponents of this foul deed to the Tower? Even better perhaps - The Boss could have sent ex-Sopranos star and E Street Band (ESB) guitarist ‘Little Stevie’ Van Zandt around to make the organisers, the Council or whoever was to blame - an offer they couldn't refuse? Indeed Van Zandt later wrote on Twitter, "When did England become a police state?" Be afraid – be very afraid. Anyway, following an epic 3 hour plus set, this was a real Rock ‘N Roll moment, taking me back to the times when The Who’s sound cut out when they reached their allowed decibel level – and hey even Boris (the Mayor that is – not the Spider) described the decision to end the gig as "excessively efficacious" – whatever that means. However, let’s not allow this incident to detract from what was a truly memorable occasion." That was our WRC take on Bruce Springsteen at HRC Hyde Park just under four years ago and we're off to see The Boss again at Wembley Stadium tonight. A review, pics and a vid to come.


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