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Amongst Vultures 21/2/19

Today's Track Of The Day is Saint Apache's video for 'Amongst Vultures': another razor-sharp, hard-hitting, high-octane track from the up-and-coming, politically-committed band. The track bristles with hardcore drive and edge, with the fast-paced track taken from their 4-track EP 'Black Days', which is due to be released this Friday. It shares the limelight with 'The Shameful', 'Strive to Survive' and 'Tory Man', their material displaying their energy, anger and conviction, not to mention their skilled musicianship and trademark, full-frontal, never-giving-it-less-than-100% performance. Thom Meredith’s raw, super-charged vocals front the song, with Adam Oarton’s drums pounding a powerful, primal beat whilst Leo Burdett’s lead guitar and Ross Towner’s powerful bass drive the music and message home with vigour and verve.


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