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Alone In The Studio! 21/11/15

"‘Alone in The Universe’ fares best when Lynne is more generous, when he can contrast the downcast sentiments of the lyrics with the effervescence of the music. After a rocky side 1, side 2 picks up considerably, thanks to light-speed ‘Ain’t It a Drag’ and the zero-gravity ‘I’m Leaving You’ which pays clear homage to Roy Orbison, one of Lynne’s contemporary’s in supergroup The Travelling Wilburys. Likewise, there are strong hints of John Lennon (who once described ELO as the "son of Beatles") present on 'All My Life', which is no surprise given Lynne's self-confessed Beatles fixation, which remains in full bloom here."

Read the rest of Wrinkly The Silver's excellent Jeff Lynne's ELO CD review here plus see our Track Of The Day.

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