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Allez Allez Monsieur Bloater! 3/11/22

"It would be churlish to say this was well worth waiting for, given what we have all been through recently, although we have certainly missed this big fella's fine chops, dirty Strat Roots and R&B, humorous lyrics and banter. Unfortunately, the band's tour ended last Friday, but with new material on its way - Allez Allez Monsieur Bloater! - Reviens Bientôt!" That was part of our Big Boy Bloater and The LiMiTs review at London's 100 Club in May, and the good news is that the big man is returning next year to that very same venue for the January Blues Festival, with support from Laura B & Her Band,on Thursday 19th, and for today's Podcast Of The Day we turn the clock back to just over four years ago, when we were lucky enough to grab a few words with Bloater before his set, at Camden's The Black Heart in London.


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