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All Aboard The Midnight Blues Train! 19 August 2015

Further to the news of the impending despatch of new WRC cards - we were delighted to receive another membership application from Pete Lovett of Powerhouse Blues Rockers Midnight Blues Train. MBT were actually showcased in our 'Introducing .....' feature here in March 2015 but Pete, who now lives in Plymouth, tells us he has many, many happy memories of attending gigs at The Red Lion in Northfleet and is absolutely staggered that Terry Lee still runs the place!! Pete added that he was also introduced to the WRC by his buddy Keith Howe of Blacktop Deluxe and they're hoping that the 'Tops' and Midnight Blues Train can organise a 'double header' very soon - and promises to get a video to us to prove it. No need for that Pete - we will be there mate!

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