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Alive In The Hidden City 2/3/16

Respect to Wrinkly The Biker for his following take on The Cult who played the Brixton Academy last Saturday night: "Having done my homework on the new Cult album, I packed my phone in my breast pocket and headed for London. Armed with a high resolution copy of the album I enjoyed one last listen during the journey. It was a good investment as there are some strong numbers, and knowing this The Cult featured them prominently. A packet Brixton Academy played host to a band who are still on top form, delivering in the same confident fashion as always. You know the delivery style; but it’s still great after all these years. Astbury walks the stage flexing his voice box in the normal manner with regular emphasis from his right arm, whilst to his left Duffy takes up the familiar axeman stance. Plenty of good stuff from the new LP is mixed in with old favourites and the audience keeps bopping along the whole time. Sadly I had to miss the encore to get my train back, but the main set was fantastic. Don’t wait too long before you see them."

Setlist: Dark Energy, Rain, Wild Flower, Horse Nation, Hinterland, Sweet Soul Sister, Lil' Devil, Gone, Honey From a Knife, Birds of Paradise, Deeply Ordered Chaos, Fire Woman, Nirvana, Phoenix, She Sells Sanctuary.

Encore: Moonage Daydream, Spiritwalker, Love Removal Machine.


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