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Alive And Dangerous Tonight! 25/11/17

Brian Downey, known to millions of Rock fans as the original drummer of Thin Lizzy, will perform the second of two rare concerts at Nells Jazz & Blues in London tonight. His new band Alive And Dangerous will perform a 40th anniversary concert of one of the greatest live Rock and Roll albums of all time: –Thin Lizzy'’s “'Live and Dangerous'”. Downey’'s band features Brian Grace (best known as the guitarist for the Commitments’ Andrew Strong), former Low Rider members Matt Wilson (lead vocals, bass) and Phil Edgar (lead guitar). 2018 celebrates the 40th Anniversary of 'Live and Dangerous', although the album was recorded live in 1977 at London’'s Hammersmith Apollo and Toronto’'s Seneca College, it wasn’'t officially released until a year later in 1978.


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