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Albany Down At 100 Club Tonight 27/6/23

Ahead of the release of their new lucky thirteen-track album, 'Born In The Ashes', due to be released on Friday 1st September, Blues Rock band Albany Down continue their UK album launch tour at London's iconic 100 Club tonight, along with Misty Blues and Half Moon Panic, and their latest single and album opener, 'You Always Want What You Can’t Have', is today's Video Of The Day, filmed at The Musician in Leicester. Comprising founder member and former 2015 WRC 'Best Guitar Solo' award winner, Paul Turley, on vocals and guitars, drummer and backing vocalist, Pete Hancock, and bassist and backing vocalist Ben Atkins, the trio run on pure adrenalin, unrelenting energy and raw emotion, with their music based around Paul's thunderous guitar riffs, Pete and Ben’s pounding bass and drums, juxtaposed with soulful, soaring, emotionally charged ballads.


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