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Age Of Ore Interview 2/8/21

The Age Of Ore join today's Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day to play and talk about the bands music, plus there's new releases from U.D.O., Crisix, A Pale Horse Named Death, Nunslaughter, Metallica, Artwork For The Blind, The Gasölines, Crypt Monarch, Arcade Stories, White Crone, Call From Subconscious, Unmother, Feral Lord, Global Horror, State Terror, Withering Soul, Hell Strike, Nexus Imperium, Space Chaser, The Cauldron of Darkness, Ophidian I, Sacrifixion, Aisles, Chloe Trujillo & Rav Medic, In Retrospect, Reign of Terror, Paradise Lost, and some classics, by request, from Cinderella, Dio, Rush, Razor, Anthrax, Bulletboys, Dokken, Mcqueen Street and Skid Row.


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