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A Terrible Way To End A Memorable Day 7/6/17

"One of the challenges of Camden Rock's is to ensure that you always leave enough time to get from one venue to the another - a task that get's more and more difficult during the day as you consume more alcohol and try and work out both the map and the schedule. Fortunately enough, we arrived in plenty of time for Big Boy Bloater and The LiMiTs at The Proud - so much so that we were able to stand right down the front. We had the pleasure of interviewing and seeing BBB at London's iconic 100 Club just over a year ago and it was a no-brainer to catch the big man in action again. Despite playing as a three-piece with no keyboards, their Roots and R&B rocked as usual which began with the brilliantly entitled 'I Love You (But I Can't Stand Your Friends)' - from last year's album ‘Luxury Hobo’ - with its 70's Rock n' Roll style, big guitar and lyrics, followed by the musical barnstormer, 'It Came Out Of The Swamp', with its brilliant baseline, mean guitar and imaginative lyrics, which Bloater delivered perfectly in a very George Thorogood-esque manner."


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