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A Tale Of Two Talents 10/1/20

Five years ago, Danny Vaughn (lead vocalist of Tyketto) and Dan Reed (frontman of Funk rockers Dan Reed Network) decided to combine their talents in a joint project: a live acoustic touring act called Snake Oil & Harmony. The project led to two acclaimed tours, where they shared their songs and the stories behind them with audiences throughout Europe, building a rep for their singing, musicianship and spellbinding rapport with their audiences. The tours sparked the pair into further creative partnership, kindling their considerable talents to create new, original songs, which they added to their repertoire on tour. Now, Snake Oil & Harmony are releasing their debut album, ‘Hurricane Riders’, which will be released on Friday 28th February. To coincide with its release, both artists will be taking the brand-new album out on the road, kicking off with London's Half Moon in Putney on Wednesday 12th March, along with their respective solo material, plus classic Dan Reed Networkand Tyketto songs on the bill, showcasing the unique chemistry and kinship of two master singers, songwriters and storytellers, not to mention infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.


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