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A Rock Supreme 11/4/19

Rock ‘n’ Roll ain’t no luxury item. It’s essential. It’s the blood in our veins and the fire in our hearts. And nobody does it better than Danko Jones. Formed in Toronto in 1996, this six-legged riff ‘n’ refrain machine have spent the last two decades delivering huge, jolting doses of stripped back ‘n’ strutting Hard Rock with the relentlessness of men possessed. Led by Danko himself, the closest thing the modern world has to a credible king of Rock ’n’ Roll, and now deftly supported by suave bass maestro John Calabrese and loose-limbed drum God Rich Knox, this pumped-up Canadian power trio grabbed the world’s attention with a flurry of early EP's, before exploding fully into action with 2002’s full-length debut 'Born A Lion'. Fast forward to 2019, and Danko Jones are back with a brand new album, 'A Rock Supreme' (see today's Video Of The Day), due to be released on Friday 26th April. Serving up precisely what its title promises, the new record boasts yet another non-stop blitzkrieg of irresistible, energy-packed anthems. Sharper than ever after yet more years on the road, the Canadian three-piece sound somehow bigger, tougher and more thrillingly plugged into the Rock ‘n’ Roll mainframe than ever.

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