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A Permanent Star 14/10/21

A Permanent Shadow, the musical collective led by Barcelona-resident CP Fletcher, recently released today's Video Of The Day,'Shining Star', their first single off of their second long play,'Humdrum', due to be released in March next year. Musically, the single pays homage to Fletcher’s biggest hero, David Bowie, with the longer album version starting with an instrumental intro slightly reminiscent of 'Space Oddity'.It's a song that deals with envy and betrayal among friends and family members, which implies a search for spiritual relief from those earthly troubles in which the never-ending journey represents the actual act of release. The ballad as usual comes with this stunning video, directed by Motorzombis singer Dani Moreno, showing a group of“searchers” crossing the metaphorical desert in search of their own guiding light, only to be bitterly disappointed once they find it within reach. A Permanent Shadow’s debut album was released in September 2019 to critical acclaim on the band’s own APE Music imprint.

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