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A New Tomorrow 27/11/19

A New Tomorrow (Video Of The Day) get to share the next chapter in their evolution via their debut full-length album 'Universe' released earlier this month. Formed in London by vocalist/guitarist Alessio Garavello (ex-Powerquest and Arthemis) and bassist Andrea Lonardi, with drummer Tim Hall and guitarist Michael Kew joining later, the band have taken their time honing their sound into the potent mix of uplifting, hard-hitting, Melodic Hard Rock. Harnessing influences from the likes of Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters, Metallica and Green Day, they offer fast and furious riffing coupled with super Melodic hook lines and have an original take on the Hard Rock genre that makes them a breath of fresh air. The band’s love for life and go-getter attitude, both on and off stage, complete the picture of one of the hottestacts to emerge from the UK underground in recent times. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


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