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A New Day Wins Best Festival Award 7/1/23

"Maybe it was that end of a long weekend feeling but I took the opportunity to slip away into the night before the end of their set, reflecting that this festival offers a uniquely relaxed experience as well as the opportunity to hear some really good music. The line-up can’t hit the sweet spot every time but there’s enough variety and excellent musicianship to keep most people more than happy. Well done to promoter Dave Rees for organising such an excellent event in these troubled times. Long may it continue." That was part of our Day Three review of Faversham's A New Day Festival back in August, and consequently those three glorious Summer days in Mt Ephraim Gardens have been voted Best Festival in our 2022 WRC Awards as testified by today's 'Fox On The Run' Video Of The Day by The Sweet (pictured).

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