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A New Day 19/8/23

Watch out for our coverage this weekend of A New Day Festival, that kicked off yesterday at Mt Ephraim Gardens, Faversham, with the presentation of their deserved 2022 WRC 'Best Festival' award (picture Les Linyard), so not only check out today's The Gypsy Pistoleros 'Livin' La Vida Loca' Video Of The Day from Day 1, but also today's Day 2 itinerary that includes: 12pm Skylines (The Canterbury Ales Stage), 12.45pm True Deceivers (The Patron Stage), 1.30pm Splink (TCAS), 2.20pm Flutatious (TPS), 3.10pm Zac Schulze Gang (TCAS), 4pm Pearl Handled Revolver (TPS), 4.50pm Caravan (TCAS), 5.55pm Pentangle (TPS), 7.05pm Lindisfarne (TCAS), 8.25pm System 7 (TPS) and 9.45pm Ozric Tentacles (TCAS). See you there!


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