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A Happy New Year From The WRC! 1/1/19

Today's January 2019 WRC Bulletin also announces the first of our winners in our 2018 WRC Awards, with the remaining category winners being announced over the next ten days. We also look forward to our January gigs including Chantel McGregor, Sari Schorr, Frances Dunnery, Born Healer, CDMC, Atomic Rooster, Vega and Aynsley Lister. Meanwhile, we also look back at our December gigs including Dan Patlansky (November), Geoff Tate, Molly Hatchet, Wrinklystock VII (pictured), The Slow Readers Club, Ben Poole, The Pretty Things and Uriah Heep, plus our Buckets Rebel Heart and Collateral CD reviews. Don't forget that if you ever want to contribute a gig or CD review to our website then please get in touch!


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