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A Decade Of The Mad Axeman Review 3/2/18

"The new Michael Schenker album 'A Decade Of The Mad Axeman', released in January 2018 on the Inakustik label, is a thirty one track 2 CD retrospective collection that documents his studio and live output between 2007 and 2016, covering his return to the roots of the Michael Schenker Group (MSG) through to Temple of Rock and the current Michael Schenker Fest. The last ten years has seen Schenker's creativity continue to escalate exponentially and his performance strengthen. This collection exemplifies and solidifies his reputation as a great band leader and guitarist of exceptional note, it also goes a long way to cementing his legendary status."

Read Steven C. Gilbert's complete and insightful review of Michael Schenker's 'A Decade Of The Mad Axeman' CD here.

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