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3.2 Third Impression 3/2/21

A continuation of the Progressive Rock band 3, in which multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Robert Berry performed alongside ELP members Carl Palmer and the late Keith Emerson, 3.2's ‘Third Impression’, due to be released next Friday 12th February, is the follow up to 2018 debut, ‘The Rules Have Changed’, including today's Video Of The Day of 'A Fond Farewell'. Indeed, it's a fine match for its predecessor, offering epic songs that include the album closing ‘Never’ (co-written by Berry and Emerson), as well as melodic and AOR tracks. Backtracking to 2015, Berry had begun work on a new 3 album that contained songs and music co-written with Emerson, but the latter’s untimely death shortly thereafter threw the project into doubt. Following a period of grief and contemplation, Berry resumed work as 3.2 on what became a fitting and exquisite tribute to his late friend’s legacy, re-energising and updating what they had begun with 3 back in the late 80's.

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