3:09 Gospel According to WTE 23/2/16

Following the recent success of 'An Evening With Russ Ballard' - the ex-Argent guitarist/vocalist is now out on the road with his band this March promoting his new album 'It's Good To Be There'. Starting at Milton Keynes on Tuesday 8th March the tour concludes with a gig in London on Friday 18th March with ex-Argent bandmate Bob Henrit on drums, Chris Winter on guitar and Steve Smith on keyboards. And filed under the category of 'you couldn't make it up' check out today's Vid Of The Day - a teaser for 'An Evening With Russ Ballard video special' - and in particular 3 minutes and 9 seconds into the vid - where a certain Wrinkly The Elder gives his forthright views on the evening's proceedings with a smiling AJ alongside!