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2022 WRC Awards Rock! 1/12/22

Yes it's that time of year again - our WRC awards of course - so watch out for our nominees spread over thirteen categories in the coming weeks, when you will have up until midnight on Saturday 31st December to vote. In the meantime, today's December WRC Bulletin looks back at our November gigs including Jo Harman + Mike Farris, Marco Mendoza, GA-20, Focus, Revival Black, Hugh Cornwell, Jimmy Carpenter and Joanne Shaw Taylor, also not forgetting our comprehensive November news archive that included both a new Rolling Stones book competition and our ‘Gonna See All My Friends - A People’s History of Fairport Convention’ book competition winner, plus we also look forward to December and our WRC Gig Calendar with our 'December Rocks!' Tracks Of The Day, showcasing Frost, Felix Rabin (pictured), The Sweet, Kira Mac, The Dead Daisies and Dr. Feelgood. Finally, don't forget that if you want to receive our monthly e-mail bulletin, please submit your e-mail address in the box below.

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