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2021 WRC Awards Rock! 1/12/21

Yes it's that time of year again - our WRC awards of course - not Christmas! Indeed, with the late return of live music in 2021, given the awful pandemic - it wasn't easy - but what the hell, we have come up with our nominees below/here including today's '2021 WRC Awards Rock!' six 'Off The Beaten Tracks Of The Year', from King Buffalo, Empyre, Highland Rose, Beyond The Grey, Kardashev and October Thorns, chosen from over 2,000 tunes that we have shared this year on our daily 'Tracks Of The Day'. Simply choose your favourite from each of the lucky thirteen categories provided and hit the vote button. You have until midnight 31st December to make your choice and only one vote per category per e-mail address is allowed - so there.


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