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2020 WRC Awards - Vote Now! 1/12/20

Our last WRC Bulletin of 2020 looks forward to the planned launch of our spanking brand new website, our 2020 WRC Awards, plus we also look back at November. Indeed, we plan to launch our new website at the turn of the year, but in the meantime, if you are a band, a venue, in music PR, a business or a valued music fan, and want to contribute to the site e.g. singles, albums, videos, reviews, podcasts, advertising, listings, our one-stop shop, membership etc., then please get in touch at Also, despite the Annus Horribilis that was 2020, and the consequent cessation of live music, let's look forward to gigs returning in 2021 by voting for one of our nominees in our 2020 WRC Awards announced here today! Finally, don't forget to check out our November album reviews here that included When Rivers Meet, Jim Kirkpatrick, Joe Bonamassa, Noush Skaugen, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Mike Ross and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

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