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2019 WRC 'On Tour' T-Shirts Available 28/7/19

Once again they have been a long time coming and were proudly on display for the first time at Ramblin' Man Fair last week, but our new 2019 WRC 'On Tour' t-shirts are now available to order from our merchandise page here. With a great Rockrpix picture in the background taken at Rockin' The Blues at London's Forum in June - the gig itinerary for this year was/is: January - Francis Dunnery, February - The Revivalists, March - Chelsea Blues Festival, April - Joe Bonamassa, May - The Brink, June - Tesla, July - Ramblin' Man Fair, August - Stondeaf Festival, September - Bigfoot, October - Focus, November - Steve Hackett and December Wrinklystock 8. Phew!

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