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2018 WRC 'On Tour' Shirts Available 10/3/18

They have been a long time coming - but given our WRC itinerary is now more or less fixed for 2018 - our 2018 WRC 'On Tour' t-shirts are now available to order from our merchandise page here. With a great WRC picture in the background of Iron Maiden performing at London's O2 Arena in May last year - the main agenda for this year was/is: January - Black Country Communion, February - Robin Trower, March - Steven Wilson, April - G3 Joe Satriani, May - The Rolling Stones, June - The Foo Fighters, July - Eric Clapton, August - Iron Maiden, September - Oktoberfest, October - Jeff Lynne's ELO, November - King Crimson and December IQ. Phew!

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