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2015 WRC Awards 'One's To Watch' - Southbound 9/1/16

With just two remaining 2015 WRC Awards to be announced - today we reveal that Southbound have won our 'One's To Watch' award. Following in the footsteps of The Mentulls (2012), Absolution (2103) and Little Devils (2014) - Southbound fought of the awesome international competition of both SIMO (St. Moritz, London) and The Brothers Landreth (Borderline, London) to win this coveted prize - thanks to stand-out gigs at Leos Red Lion, Gravesend, The Half Moon, Putney, and The Horn, St. Albans (pictured) during 2015. And you can catch the guys tonight at The Troubador in London with, coincidentally, Little Devils! In the meantime check out today's Vid Of The Day!

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