2015 WRC Awards 'Best Blues Performance' - The Mentulls 8/1/16

Just three years after winning our WRC 'One's To Watch' award - the prophecy has certainly come to fruition as The Mentulls have walked away with our 2015 WRC 'Best Blues Performance' award! Hard lines to the worthy challenge of the other two nominees - namely Bernie Marsden (Ramblin' Man) and Joanne Shaw Taylor (Jazz Cafe) - but The Mentulls awesome Red Lion gig in May (pictured) swung the vote their way! Don't forget that you can still purchase both the 2013 & 2014 BluesFest DVD/CD's featuring The Mentulls through our merchandise page here. Anyway check out both today's Vid Of The Day plus watch out for further exciting news re: The Mentulls tomorrow!